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Level 2 Phlebotomy Skills Course - Bristol

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Location: Bristol, UK
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Phlebotomy Training services is bringing it's Level 2 Phlebotomy Skills Course to Bristol on the following dates:
- 3rd and 4th March 2012.
The course is a comprehensive training programme covering everything you need to begin working as a phlebotomist in the UK and is accredited at Level 2 by the OCNNER (Open College Network)
The course is designed around the CHS132 (The National Occupational Standards for Phlebotomists) written by Skills for Health for the NHS.
The subjects that are covered on the course include:
- Anatomy and Physiology of the Arm
- How to find a Suitable Site for Venepuncture
- Correct Application of the Tourniquet
- Health & Safety and Infection Control
- Identifying which bottles are Required for which Test
- The Correct Labelling of Samples
- The Order of Draw
- The Importance of Correct Identification of Patients
- How to Take Blood
The course is conducted over 2 days and will run from 9.00am ?? 5.30pm on both days.
At the end of the Second day there is a short practical assessment in which all candidates will be evaluated on their ability to take blood from an artificial arm.
Following the 2 days, there is a home study project to complete which all candidates have 4 weeks to complete.
There are no entry requirements for this course other than that all candidates must have a good understanding of written and spoken English.
The total cost for this course is ?330.00 (inc. VAT). This price covers all of the materials and equipment that you will use on the course as well as a comprehensive Basic Phlebotomy Handbook for you to take away and keep for future reference.
For further details please call 01609 751 610.

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