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Vintage Dance Classes, Bristol

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0117 9232358

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Location: Bristol, UK
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The Showgirl Academy based in Bristol & Bath specialise in vintage dance theme workshops and courses.

Our unique dance styles include Beautiful Burlesque, Fabulous Fan Dance, High Kicking Can-can, Cheeky Charleston, 60's Go-Go, Ribbon Dancing, Hula Hooping, Solo Jive and Ultimate Showgirl.

classes are great fun, improves your fitness and confidence whilst meeting a new crowd of?fabulous?women!

Upcoming Courses at The Showgirl Academy:

Solo Jive Course - Starts Monday 20th Feb 6-7pm in Bristol

Can-Can Course - Starts Monday 20th Feb 7-8pm in Bristol

Charleston Course - Starts Tuesday 21st Feb 8-9pm in Bristol

Book your Showgirl Academy experience today and get fit in an elegant way through vintage dance forms!


Our vision is to give people a happier healthier and more confident life through professional dance classes accessible to all??

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