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Northcroft Fabrics

Northcroft Fabrics

Company: Northcroft Fabrics
Business Type: Exporter
Contact: John Kitching
Phone: 01628488700
Address: Highfields, Grubwood Lane, SL6 9UD
Location: Cookham Dean, UK
Website: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk


Northcroft Fabrics, based in Berkshire, was established in 1991 by John Kitching to design and produce a selection of quality fabrics for the interior design market. Northcroft Fabrics produces beautiful designs in velvets, silks and damasks. However John has always had a particular fondness for velvets, even before they became fashionable again in the last decade and has offered a selection of velvets within the Northcroft Fabric range from the very beginning.

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