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Learn to Belly Dance with Sarah Swirled

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Location: Preston, UK
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Sarah Swirled Belly Dance provides weekly classes in Preston every Monday:
7.00pm - 8.00pm Beginners. These classes are designed for people who have never done belly dance before or who want to improve their basic technique. In these classes I teach basic technique along with simple choreographies to help develop each individuals' dance. Once students are comfortable with dancing in general, I will introduce the use of props and more difficult moves.
8.00pm - 9.00pm Improvers/Intermediates. These classes are designed for people who already have the basic technique and who wish to further develop their skills. In these classes we learn harder moves and do more complicated choreographies. I also teach prop work, but also include more background, such as musicality and instrumentation, as well as introducing the different styles found within this dance form.
All classes cost ?4 per hour, but improvers/intermediates are welcome to attend both classes for the price of ?6.
I am also available for:
Children's birthday parties
Adult parties
Taster sessions
Private lessons
For more information visit my website: www.sarahbellydance.co.uk

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