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The Performing Arts Company

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07929 823110

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Location: Bolton, UK
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The Performing Arts Company established in 1999 provide drama and creative arts to children age 5 - 18 yrs. Our aim is to make the arts more available and accesible to all school children. We at The Performing Arts Company believe that drama isn't just about 'acting' but also provides an outlet for self expression, it develops imagination and artisitc awareness; it increases social and mental freedom, fluency of speech, self respect, self confidence and above all...it's FUN!
Drama gives?students the opportunity to learn how to co-operate with others, aids orderly thinking and the ability to organise. The benefits do not only accrue through?students participating actively in dramatic activity, they also learn through observing others.

The Performing Arts Company will provide what we hope you will see as the perfect balance of education, play, and stimulation. We run to a carefully planned curriculum paying equal attention to ALL our student's needs. We are committed to a two way communication process with our parents to ensure that we have total understanding and support.
We at The Performing Arts Company use practical explorations on how to make, perform and respond to drama. Our workshops encourage?students with:


Self Expression

Team Working Skills

Speaking and Listening

Emotional Intelligence

community Involvement

Development of Practical, Creative and Intellectual Skills

Use The Student's Own Work As A Stimulus

Understand The Importance Of The Process

Cross Curricular Links With Literacy

And Above All FUN!

We commit ourselves to putting on at least two shows a year for parent's, family and friend's to view the student's work and progress.

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